Automate with is an automation tool that lets you automate actions across apps. Unlike other automation tools, lets you add human approvals and decisions to any automated workflow. makes it easy to integrate with other apps to automate workflows for yourself and your team. Build your first playbook today and start automating your workflows in minutes. integrations in

Call external webhook (HTTP)
Generate public URL for File
Trigger run of a manual playbook
Trigger runs of a batch playbook

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Relay is a collaborative workflow automation platform that simplifies the integration process between various B2B applications. With Relay, you can seamlessly connect different SaaS products and enhance your productivity through efficient automation.

Avoid mistakes with Double Check approvals

Turn on Double Check for any automation that could use an extra look from a teammate before it runs.

Add a Personal Touch to build connection

Most automations should be 100% hands-free. But some can be supercharged with a Personal Touch. Easily add personalization or missing inputs to automations that need it, especially automated emails and DMs.

Leverage the power of ChatGPT with AI Autofill

No matter whether you need a response for a support ticket, a personalized thank you note after a meeting, or the summary of a document, AI Autofill brings ChatGPT suggestions to automations with just a click.

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