Outlook integrations

Outlook is a widely used email client by professionals and organizations worldwide, known for its robust features and integration with the Microsoft Office suite. Relay enhances Outlook’s functionality by enabling users to streamline email management, automate responses, and integrate with various apps. With Relay, harness the power of AI to interpret and respond to email content, or incorporate human oversight for precise and personalized communication when it’s most needed.

Outlook triggers and automations

email received
Create draft
Forward email
Mark email as read
Move mail to folder
Reply to all
Send draft
Send email

How-to guides featuring Outlook

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Outlook iconAirtable icon
Add received Outlook emails to Airtable
Learn how to capture information from newly received emails in Outlook and automatically add it as a record in Airtable. This guide simplifies email management and ensures no critical information is missed.
Outlook iconRetable icon
Log new Outlook emails in Retable
Learn how to automatically log new Outlook emails in Retable, never missing an important message again.
Outlook iconAirtable icon
Send an email via Outlook for newly created Airtable records
Streamline communication by automatically sending emails from Outlook when new records are created in Airtable. This guide makes it easy to connect and automate these popular tools.
Outlook iconCoda icon
Send new emails in Outlook for new rows in a Coda table
Learn how to set up a Relay playbook to stay organized and efficient by integrating your Microsoft Outlook and Coda. Whenever a new row is added in Coda, a new email will be sent in Outlook instantly.

Do more with Outlook and Relay

Effortless email management

Keep your Outlook inbox organized with Relay’s automation features. Set up workflows to automatically mark emails as read, move them to specific folders based on sender or subject, or even flag high-priority items. Minimize clutter and ensure important emails stand out by customizing automations that align with your prioritization rules.

Smart email drafting and replies

Relay can significantly reduce the time you spend on email by automating draft creation and response workflows. When an email arrives that fits certain criteria, Relay can generate a draft using AI, or even send an automated reply. Take it a step further by including a human review process to approve AI-suggested content or to add a personalized touch before the email goes out.

Enhanced email workflows with other apps

Make your email actions trigger workflows in other tools. For instance, when you receive an email from a new client, Relay can kick off a series of automations like creating tasks in your project management tool or adding a new contact to your CRM. Conversely, activities in other apps can automatically prompt Relay to send email updates or forward messages to relevant team members, keeping everyone aligned and informed.

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