Mem integrations

Mem is an AI-powered productivity tool that allows users to quickly capture, organize, and retrieve notes and ideas. Its user-friendly interface is incredible for teams and individuals aiming to eliminate clutter while keeping important information at their fingertips. Relay's integration with Mem harnesses this functionality by automating the creation and updating of Mems, thus enabling efficient and seamless note-taking and idea management within your existing workflows.

Mem triggers and automations

Append to Mem
Create mem

Do more with Mem and Relay

Streamlined meeting summaries

After meetings, Relay can automate the process of capturing key points and action items by appending information to a dedicated Mem. Whether it’s transcribing minutes, listing follow-up tasks, or summarizing decisions, Relay takes care of organizing your post-meeting workflow without manual note-taking.

Idea management

Capture fleeting ideas before they're gone by having Relay automatically create Mems based on triggers from other apps. For instance, if a team member adds an idea to a task manager or a specific Slack channel, Relay can create a new Mem, ensuring that creativity is captured and can be revisited anytime.

Dynamic research compilation

Gather and append relevant information or findings across various platforms into a Mem via Relay. For research-heavy projects, this ensures that all data is consolidated into a central Mem for easy access and reference, streamlining the research process and knowledge sharing.

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