Facebook Lead Ads integrations

Facebook Lead Ads is a powerful tool for businesses to generate high-quality leads directly from the Facebook platform. Using Relay to connect with Facebook Lead Ads, businesses can automate the processing of new leads, enhancing the speed and efficiency in which they respond to and engage potential customers. Creating smooth transitions from lead capture to nurturing, Relay lets your team focus on the personalized approach rather than the manual data entry.

Facebook Lead Ads triggers and automations

New lead

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Instant lead engagement

Get notified when a potential customer shows interest through Facebook Lead Ads. Set up an automated sequence to send out a welcoming email, initiate a personalized engagement process, and more. Relay ensures you strike while the iron is hot, providing timely interactions that can dramatically increase conversion rates.

Synchronize with CRM

With Relay, you can automatically transfer new leads from Facebook Lead Ads straight into your CRM system. Whether you’re using Salesforce, HubSpot, or another CRM, you'll ensure that no lead falls through the cracks. Relay can populate contact details, preferences, and initial engagement data, setting up your sales team for success with a rich context for each lead.

Collaborative lead management

Harness the collaborative features of Relay to assign new Facebook leads to your sales team members, ensuring efficient distribution and follow-up. Automatic notifications can alert team members about new leads assigned to them, and with roles and permissions, Relay streamlines the process to make sure the right people are taking action at the right time.

Human-augmented lead qualification

While capturing leads is essential, qualifying them is equally critical. Relay's human-in-the-loop feature allows your team members to review and approve leads before further actions are taken. This ensures that only high-potential leads are moved along the sales pipeline, allowing your team to deploy their resources most effectively.

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