Drip integrations

Drip is a sophisticated e-commerce CRM that excels at empowering businesses with personalized marketing automation. Relay enhances Drip's capabilities by integrating it with a variety of other apps, aiding in the creation of seamless, collaborative workflows. With Relay, you can extend the power of Drip to automate tags for subscribers, manage subscribers effectively, and streamline customer communication.

Drip triggers and automations

Add tag to subscriber
Get or create subscriber
Remove tag from subscriber

Do more with Drip and Relay

Automate subscriber segmentation

Use Relay to add or remove tags in Drip automatically based on customer actions in other apps. For example, you could add a 'VIP Customer' tag when a customer spends more than a set amount in your e-commerce platform, or remove a 'Prospect' tag when they sign up for your webinar, thus enabling more targeted marketing campaigns.

Sync customer profiles across platforms

Relay can automate the process of getting or creating subscribers in Drip whenever new contacts are added in apps like your business's contact form, support ticket system, or a networking event lead capture tool. With this relayed information, you can ensure your CRM reflects your most current customer information for consistent communication.

Enhance customer engagement

Build Relay playbooks that react to customer interactions with personalized follow-ups in Drip. When an action such as a course completion or a support ticket closure in another app occurs, use Relay to instruct Drip to send a tailored email with relevant content, discount codes, or satisfaction surveys. Keep a human in the loop for key communications by adding a step for manual review or personalization before sending.

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