bitly Integrations is an automation tool that lets you automate actions across apps. Unlike other automation tools, lets you add human approvals and decisions to any automated workflow. integrates with Bitly to create short, branded links that enhance your marketing campaigns and communication strategies. With, leverage the power of Bitly’s link shortening service within your automated workflows. You can trigger link shortening in Bitly whenever certain actions happen in your connected apps, allowing for efficient management of URLs and seamless tracking across platforms.

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Streamline Marketing Campaigns

Utilize to automatically shorten new URLs for marketing material when assets are uploaded, or blog posts are published. Keep your campaigns tidy and trackable by incorporating Bitly shortened URLs directly within automated social media posts, email newsletters, and other outbound marketing communications.

Enhance Reporting with Consistent URL Structures

Generate consistent, branded short links for reports and shared documents using's integration. Whenever a new report is generated in apps like Google Sheets or Salesforce, can use Bitly to create a short link, making sharing with stakeholders more streamlined and branded for professionalism.

Improve Customer Experience with Simplified URLs

Improve your customers’ experience by automatically creating easy-to-remember Bitly links through for event registrations, product launches, support documents, and more. can simplify the process by generating these links as soon as a new resource is available or an event is created in your scheduling app, enhancing engagement and accessibility for customers.

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