Quickly get rid of cold emails in Gmail

Do you get tons of unsolicited emails every day trying to sell you something? With this simple Relay workflow, you can save time by making it easy to handle cold emails with one click or in bulk.

Setting it up

We're all struggling with email overload, and it certainly doesn't help that we're getting more and more cold, unsolicited emails every day trying to sell us something.

It turns out that dealing with these cold emails is pretty tricky. You can't just hit "delete" or "archive" because you'll stay in the sequence and get another one. And "mark spam" doesn't work either, since the sender will just use another account to reach you.

The best approach is a simple reply that says "no thanks", and this workflow in Relay makes it easy to do that quickly.

Create a trigger for new emails with the "Cold Email"

First go to Gmail Settings, and create a new label called "Cold Email". When you've done that, create a new playbook in Relay, and set up a trigger from Gmail, choose "Label Added" and select your new "Cold Email" label.

Add a step to automatically reply to the email

Add a step and selection Automation -> Gmail -> Reply to All. Next, select "Mail" in the E-mail dropdown and enter whatever text you'd like to send in the Body (e.g. "No thanks, please remove me from your list"). Finally, change the bottom dropdown from "Double Check" to "No Review Required".

Add a step to automatically archive the email

Select the "+" button -> Automation -> Gmail -> Archive email. Select "Mail" again in the email dropdown, and make sure it's set to "No review required".

You've now setup your Relay playbook! Every time you apply the label "Cold Email" Relay will automatically send your "No thanks" reply and archive the email. You can apply this label wherever you read your Gmail today, either in an individual email or by selecting a group of emails and applying the label in bulk. Give it a try now!

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