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Integrating Trello and Confluence

Are you looking to boost productivity and streamline collaboration between Confluence and Trello? With Relay's integrations, you can connect these two powerful tools to create seamless workflows that enhance your team's efficiency.

Project Management

Efficiently manage your projects by integrating Confluence with Trello. Create a Trello board to track project tasks, assign team members, and set due dates. Then, automatically generate Confluence pages for each task to document progress, share important updates, and collaborate with your team.

Content Approval

Simplify the content approval process by integrating Confluence and Trello. Create a Trello card whenever a new page is created in Confluence, allowing stakeholders to review and provide feedback directly within Trello. Once approved, automatically update the status and move the card to the next stage in your workflow.

Idea Management

Spark creativity and innovation by integrating Confluence with Trello. Use Trello boards to capture and organize ideas from your team, and automatically create Confluence pages for each idea. Collaborate on and develop these ideas further, easily tracking progress and involving the right stakeholders.

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