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Integrating Salesforce and Tempo

The Salesforce and Tempo integration in Relay opens up a world of possibilities for seamless collaboration and workflow automation. By connecting these two powerful tools, you can supercharge your productivity, streamline your processes, and save time. Here are a few use cases where the integration between Salesforce, Tempo, and Relay can make a significant impact.

Customer Onboarding

Automating the customer onboarding process is crucial for every business. With Relay, you can create a workflow that triggers when a new lead is added to Salesforce. The workflow can then automatically create a project in Tempo, assign tasks to team members, and send personalized onboarding emails. Double check automations allow you to review and customize the emails before they are sent out, ensuring a personalized touch.


Use Relay to automatically log the time spent on customer projects to your CRM, and keep your sales & development teams in sync.

These are just a few examples of how integrating Salesforce, Tempo, and Relay can revolutionize your workflows. Try Relay for free today and experience the power of seamless collaboration and workflow automation.

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