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Integrating Salesforce and

Relay provides seamless integration between and Salesforce, giving you the power to streamline your sales and communication workflows. By combining the capabilities of these two popular apps, Relay helps you automate repetitive tasks, collaborate effectively, and leverage AI-powered features. With Relay, you can double-check and customize automations, ensuring personalized and accurate communication with your prospects and customers.

Automated Lead Nurturing

With Relay, you can create automations that automatically nurture leads in based on specific triggers in Salesforce. For example, when a lead is marked as 'qualified' in Salesforce, Relay can trigger an automated email campaign in to provide further information and engage the lead.

AI-Powered Sales Outreach

Leverage Relay's AI Autofill feature to supercharge your sales outreach in The AI model can analyze customer data in Salesforce and generate personalized content for your outreach emails in, saving you time and improving response rates.

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